Why We Do the things We Do…

Are you a bishop, priest, or deacon? If so, are you speaking out against the social evils of our day? Do you consider yourself Catholic, but actively embrace the social trends contradicting historic Church teachings?

I’ve had multiple bishops and clergy complain that I spend too much effort on these types of topics. They’ve told me that they would rather I spend more time building up the Church.

What is your understanding of “building up the Church? Is it simply a matter of numbers? Does the number of people passing through your doors give a valid indication of the quality of your ministry?

We can have grand cathedrals, filled to the rafters with people, but it is all worthless without a valid message.

My question to each person questioning my motivation is “how can you have a “Church” when those in your pews would rather believe the lies and deceit of the world, than the Gospel Truth? Our Lord, Jesus, during his earthly ministry routinely confronted the religious leaders of his day. But, my detractors chime in, Jesus confronted those hypocrites regarding matters of faith, not political issues…

Somehow, these well meaning men of God seem to forget that the political issues I am most vocal about are concerning both faith and morals.

How many supposed Catholics do you know who actively advocate abortion via voting for “pro-choice” politicians? How many more do you know who find no problem with accepting LGBTQwxyz lifestyles as somehow being okay in the context of Catholic morality?

We cannot build authentic faith communities based upon the shifting sands of socialism, secularism, and moral relativism, all of which are intrinsically anti-Christ.

If you think that the Moral Decline our society is having no impact on the Church, think again. Nearly half of those claiming to be Roman Catholic find no problem with active homosexuals in the clergy or otherwise being active recipients of the sacraments. A higher percentage have abandoned RCC teachings on birth control. And a significant number support abortionist politicians, supporting a “woman’s right” to kill her unborn child.

And, NO, this is not merely a homosexual issue. Our children are being actively targeted to advance an agenda of sexual immorality.

Recently, the American Psychological Association (APA), a group of quacks and sexual deviants hiding behind the prestige of academia, decided it would be a good idea to promote the practices of “polyamory” That is, engaging in a relationship with more than one partner, “swinging,” switching sexual partners with other couples, and “relationship anarchy,” believing that relationships should not have rules. (How disturbing is that last one?)

Not only did the APA decide these things are healthy and ethical, but that they should be taught to children in public schools as young as 12-years-old under the guise of education.

My friends, as I posted a short time back, “We cannot [continue to] send our children to Caesar, and be surprised when the come back Romans.” What we are witnessing in our society is the logical result of kicking God out of our schools and public discourse. Secular humanism is actively filling that void, and that matriculation is making its way into our churches!

So, yes, I WILL remain a vocal advocate for traditional Catholic Faith and Morals.

Are you a Bishop or other clergyman who is fed up with this mess as I am? Is your Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction moving towards acceptance of these modern evils? If so, you should consider joining with the Catholic Church in America and the International Catholic Confederation. We are an international Catholic Church that is dedicated to preserving Western-Style Catholic Orthodoxy, including both faith and morals.
Message me if you’re interested in discussing the matter further.

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