Tipping Tables
Tipping Tables -- Seven Deadly Sins and Stories of Redemption

Tipping Tables

Over fifty years ago American culture began being prepped for a new era of sexual behavior and expression. What was once black and white began to transition into a wide range of grey when it comes to our cultural understanding of sin. Now, things have blossomed into a bright rainbow of diversity which seems to be growing and expanding at an ever alarming rate.

This has been a nearly six-decade process of desensitizing our nation to the very concept of sin. What started out as the “Sexual Revolution” in the nineteen-sixties,  Normalizing sexual promiscuity, via birth control and abortion, is now transformed into a virtual cornucopia of sexual deviance.

What makes writing this book a necessity is two-fold:

  1. The resulting assault on Church, and
  2. Our current generation of Children

A recent Pew Research study shows that between the year 2000 and now, the percentage of U.S. adults who favor/oppose same-sex marriage has virtually flip-flopped. The evidence is so alarming, as I’ll elaborate on later is that the much of the Church is also devolving in this attitude as well.

Making matters even worse is that our moral decline is not yet complete. Modern culture warriors have their sights on further sexualizing our children. 

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh recently observed regarding this ongoing process as related to sexualizing our children; “Now both are utterly commonplace, yet leftists will insist [that] even though grown men in dresses like to hang out with little children at libraries, and adults like to go to gay bars and watch boys dance around in skirts and high heels, there is nothing sexual about any it.” “Ten years from now, Matt continued,  “or maybe sooner, they will admit that it is sexual, but insist that there is nothing wrong with a young boy and a man getting together, so long as it is consensual.” 

This is the clear path that we, as a nation, and a church are heading. Therefore, the primary inspiration for this book is educating those who wish to remain faithful to authentic Christian moral teachings, have a refresher course on just what sin is and why God finds sin so objectionable.

Those who view the world from the a secular humanist perspective will find this book both hateful and objectionable. However, if you’re truly Christian, seeking God in Spirit and truth, you should view the truth presented here to be educational and enlightening.

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