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Most successful ministries these days prosper from a well-planned social media presence. YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are being utilized as evangelism tools to bring the Word of God to the public in ways that were unimaginable in my youth. However, Social Media in itself is only a vehicle for the message. Those of us in Conservative Christian ministry understand the roadblocks that are being placed in our path.

The Spread of Media Bias Is No Secret

It is no secret that the major players in every form of media have a secular bias. In recent years, that bias has become belligerent and antagonistic towards everything Christian, and more so towards those of us who hold conservative moral values. Isn’t it time that Conservative Christians rally and say enough is enough and take a stand, saying; we will no longer be forced to moderate ourselves to modern, politically correct standards?

Are You a Voice for Conservative Christian Values?

Becoming an online voice for Christian values is not an inexpensive proposition. Not only are there development and maintenance costs, there are also monthly fees to keep servers online and staff to support. Please pray about how you may commit to supporting this effort.

Prayers and Donations Needed to Bring this to Reality

We have already dedicated over a year of our own time and resources into developing this project and are very close to launching. However, we are in need of your assistance to help us get over the last few hurdles. We’ve created a Crowdsource Funding account online to facilitate donations.

All Donations Collected Will Be Used to Support This Project
or the ministry selection chosen in the available options

How many of you have heard or read about conservatives being blocked, banned or un-monetized by Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook for simply contradicting the politically correct agenda of the day — enough is enough! With nearly 5,000 friends on Facebook, multiple pages and groups, and over 100,000 individual post likes, I have been put on restriction (time out for weeks and months) on many occasions. This sort of treatment is UNACCEPTABLE. Will you prayerfully consider becoming part of the solution?

Donor Appreciation

Obispo’s Adventures in Cooking

We do honor and appreciate your prayerful consideration in supporting Social Media on a Mission. For a limited time (until February 15th) ALL donors will receive a printable certificate of appreciation from Archbishop Callahan, as well as a PDF copy of his 140-page cookbook “Obispo’s Kitchen,” which contains recipes he created and used during his career as a professional Chef. During his career as a Chef, “Obispo” Callahan cooked in Gourmet restaurants, High-end Senior Living, Hospitals, and even supervised food service for our military in Afghanistan — serving 12,000 meals a day.

Free PDF copy for Benefactor Donors.

Additionally, “Benefactor” Donors with Special Donations (over $100) helping us finalize development of our Social Media Platform, will receive special offers and discounts on any services we develop and in our online stores. You’ll also receive a complimentary copy of Bishop Callahan’s eBook, “Authentic Faith, Radical Transformation and Contemplative Prayer”

Please Donate Today

Thanks for your prayerful consideration and support.

Pax Vobiscum


Our Vision is to Support Conservative Christian Values Around the World

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  1. I am waiting! I know $10 wasn’t much, but hopefully I can spread the word.

  2. Thank you, my friend!

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