Legacy of Utrecht

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Legacy of Utrecht
Old Catholic History and Modern Relevance

Professor: The Most Rev. Michael Callahan, D.D. O.C.R

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At the Conclusion of this course, the student should be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of the origins and history of the Old Catholic Church, understand its founding principles and have a firm grasp on the importance of maintaining a sense of orthodoxy and preservation of the historic deposit of faith — especially in light of modernism and the encroachment of modern, liberal theology and morals. After completion, the student must present a paper. 

We are currently working to get this course into an online seminary, leading to qualification for ordination or incardination into our jurisdiction. This will be our first course and a prerequisite for all subsequent courses. 

Classes will meet each Monday morning at 10:00 am (PST), for fifteen weeks, beginning January 22, 2018. The cost for this class is $25.00 + $8.00   registration fee.

Course Texts and Materials:

Primary Text: The Old Catholic Movement, its Origins, and History by the Rev. C.B. MOSS


CATHOLIC But Not Roman ORTHODOX But Not Eastern: An Introduction To The Old Catholic Church

Episcopi Vagantes and the Anglican Church


The Other Catholics

Selected online texts — links to come

Session Outlines

Session 1 – Introduction• Old Catholicism – Warts and All• Latin, Not Eastern• Papal Infallibility• Universal Episcopate• Immaculate Conception(Sorry, the graphic intro is too long — Fast forward past the 1st minute){youtube}pNKSRkNz90w{/youtube} 
Session 2 – Utrecht Origins — Historic Overview 
The following topics will be discussed in this second module and its corresponding session:Legacy of Utrecht — Historic Origins 
Introduction: Misunderstood and Often MalignedIt’s my ball syndromeThe Oak Tree Analogy
1st and Foremost Catholic Christian Our origins are rooted in traditional Catholic sourcesWe ascribe to ancient CreedsApostolic SuccessionThe Utrecht Origins Utrecht, the Early YearsSaint WillibroadAutonomyProtestant Reformation in the NetherlandsPort Royal, Cornelius Jansen, and the Jesuits Political, not doctrinal split from RomeNew Dogmas — New SchismImportance of fidelityChange for the sake of power and control?Johann Joseph Ignaz von DöllingerThe Pope and the Council: 
Session 3 – Development of Papal ClaimsThe following topics will be discussed in this third module and its corresponding session:IntroductionPrimacy vs. Supremacy
The Problem with Traditional Proof Texts
The Early Church Emphasized the Role of Bishops and ClergyApostolic SuccessionInfallibility Much More Problematic  {youtube}https://youtu.be/UunYf6WKw1o{/youtube}
Session 4 – Conciliar Roots The following topics will be discussed in this fourth module and its corresponding session:IntroductionConcilliar RootsPost-Apostolic periodApostolic Council of Jerusalem1st Seven Ecumenical CouncilsMiddle AgesThe Great (East/West) Schism 105414th & 15th CenturiesAvignon PopesGreat Schism of the West 1378 to 1417The Counciliar Movement{youtube}https://youtu.be/Fti-z5JpY74{/youtube} 
Session 5 – The Great Schism IntroductionThe Nuts & Bolts — Whats in a Word?Great Schism OverviewRoots of the SchismMore than a Word Political and social influencesLiturgical & Theological DifferencesLanguage Barriers Pride of Position and Authority3 Little SchismsThe Great SchismThe Official BreakReconciliationReview  {youtube}https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNtilDCK650&list=UU_vChIvQxpNwp94DvTE0gAA&index=4{/youtube}
Session 6 – Subsidiarity, Gallicanism, and FebronianismWords Are InterestingThe JesuitsThe Old CatholicsUltrajectine TheologyGallicanism 
Session 7 – Utrecht’s Breach from Rome 
Session 8 – Trent  
Session 9 – First Vatican Council  
Session 10 – Union of Utrecht• Resisting new innovations and maintaining Catholic teachings

Session 11 – Utrecht Documents
• The Declaration of Utrecht
• The Fourteen Thesis
• The Bonn Agreement

Session 12 – Old Catholic Origins in North America  
Session 13 – Review  

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