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Saint Jude Theological Institute (SJTI)

Saint Jude Theological Institute

SJTI is a Catholic ecclesiastical formation seminary, under the supervision of the Catholic Church in America (CCIA). We are currently providing educational and spiritual formation for students who are interested in pursuing a vocation in Catholic ordained ministry. At this time our course of study leads to a "licentiate in pastoral studies" which is an acceptable prerequisite to ordination within the Catholic Church in America as well as other independent Catholic jurisdictions. Our focus is upon traditional Catholic principles and a conservative moral theological polemic. 
All of our course information is accessible online. Classes meet on a set schedule via online video conferences. Most of our course lectures will be made available online as well.
Students wishing to participate in our curriculum for credit towards certification should check with their local bishop/jurisdiction prior to application. 
Seminary Syllabus 
Essential Seminary Courses for Ordination into the Holy Order of the Diaconate and Priesthood, within the Catholic Church in America (CCIA). This program is designed to provide the graduate with an “Ecclesiastical” Licentiate degree equivalency of a Masters of Divinity for persons beginning formation with the prerequisite of an existing BA/BS degree. Those wishing to apply without the aforementioned prerequisite degree may apply for consideration and a custom course of study may be provided.
* Introduction to Catholicism
    * This is an intense overview course touching on virtually every aspect of what it means to be Catholic. We will cover Catholic Distinctives such as Apostolic Succession, Ecclesiology, Christology, Mariology, Pneumatology, and Eschatology The Professor will guide students to understand distinctive between Old Catholic and Roman Catholic distinctives.
    * Text: Catholicism, by Richard P. McBrien

* History of the Catholic Church
    * This class is an overview designed to give the student a working knowledge of fundamental Catholic/Christian historicity.
    * Text: A Concise History of the Catholic Church by Thomas Bokenkotter

* The Legacy of Utrecht
    * The ancient See of Utrecht is the touchstone for the modern Independent Catholic movement, both conservative and liberal alike. This course will look into the historical facts and controversies surrounding the post-Vatican One Schism. This course will also take a critical look at the founding documents of the Union of Utrecht and the dogmatic decrees of the First Vatican Council.
    * Text: The Old Catholic Movement: Its Origins and History, by C. B. Moss

* First Seven Ecumenical Councils
    * The First Seven Ecumenical Councils of the primitive/undivided church are the most important touchstones in the development of Catholic thought and dogmatic theology. Additionally, these councils precede the “Great Schism” which divided the churches of the East and West in the year 1054ad. In this class, the student will develop an understanding of the importance the early church fathers placed on orthodoxy and defending the Christian faith against error. The student should also be able to cogently discuss the creeds and various heresies that these councils dealt with.
    * Text: The First Seven Ecumenical Councils (325-787): Their History and Theology, by Leo D. Davis SJ

* Introduction to Patristics
    * In Catholicism we stand on the shoulders (so-to-speak) of those Christian leaders who were engaged with interpreting the earliest texts. A few of these ancient Fathers of the church were contemporaries to new testament authors, others were merely a few generations removed. These men give us valuable insight into how the earliest Christians applied the mysteries of the Christian faith to their lives and spiritual walk.
    * Text: Historical Theology: An Introduction to the History of Christian Thought, by Alister E. McGrath
* Systematic Theology
    * Models of Revelation, by Avery Dulles, S.J.

* Christian Ethics/Moral Theology
    * Text: Introduction to Moral Theology, Revised Edition (Catholic Moral Thought), by Romans Cessario OP

* Sacramental Theology
    * Text: Sacramental Theology: A General Introduction, by Kenan B. Osborne

* The Mystery of Faith -- The Eucharist
    * Text: Scripture and the Mystery of the Mass, by Scott Hahn and Refis J. Flaherty

* Ecclesiastical Theology
    * Text: Magisterium: Teacher and Guardian of the Faith (Introductions to Catholic Doctrine), by Avery Dulles

* Catholicism and Human Sexuality -- Our modern dilemma
    * Text: Theology of the Body, by John Paul II and Michael Waldstein

* Catholic Apologetics
    * Text: Why We’re Catholic: Our Reasons for Faith, Hope, And Love, by Trent Horn
Biblical Studies
* New Testament Studies: Johannine Literature, Acts of the Apostles, General Epistles, Pauline Epistles
    * Text: An Introduction to the New Testament (The Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library), by Raymond E. Brown
* Old Testament Studies: Books of Moses, Prophets, Wisdom Literature
    * Text: Reading the Old Testament, An Introduction, by Lawrence Boadt
* Homiletics 1 - including liturgical rubrics and an introduction to the church year
* - Text: On Liturgical Theology by Aiden Kavananagh
* - Text: The Mass: A Study of the Roman Liturgy, by Adrian Fortescue (Author), Brother Hermenegild TOSF (Author)

* Homiletics 2
    * This course requires weekly written homilies during the course of study and one monthly (each month) recorded video homily submitted to the professor.

* Liturgics -- a hands-on course, mentored by your supervisor, or other qualified clergymen.

* The Business of Church
    * Text: Everything about Parish Ministry: I Wish I Had Known (More Parish Ministry Resources) Paperback, by Kathy Hendricks

* Introduction to Pastoral Care
    * Text: The Wounded Healer: Ministry in Contemporary Society, By Henri J. M. Nouwen 
    * Text: Instrument of Your Peace: The Art of Catholic Pastoral Care

* Spiritual Direction
    * Text: Spiritual Direction and Meditation, by Thomas Merton

* Introduction to Catholic spirituality
    * Text: Authentic Faith, Radical Transformation, and Contemplative Prayer, by Michael Callahan

* CCIA Distinctives (or disincentives of the individual jurisdiction of the student)
    * Church Constitution

* Contemporary Issues in Christianity
    * Text: Challenging the Modern World: Karol Woltya/John Paul II and the development of Catholic Social Teaching (Religion, Politics, and Society in the new Millennium), By Samuel Gregg

* Misseology—Missions
    * Text: Evangelizing Catholics: A Mission Manual for the New Evangelization, by Scott Hahn
Final Evaluation
* One (1) Thesis [Independent study] topic to be agreed upon by the student and supervising bishop.