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Canon Five — The Diocese

A Diocese shall be formed within geographical boundaries established by the College of Bishops and shall be formed under the direction of a Diocesan Bishop. The Bishop shall chair the Bishop’s Council, and the Bishop, Priests and Deacons shall work together to establish and prosper God’s Church in the area of the Diocese. It is the goal of the CCIA that the Diocese shall be of such size and organization as to facilitate meaningful pastoral oversight of the Parishes and Clergy by the Diocesan Bishop.

  1.  The Formation of the Diocese
    a. Diocese shall be formed of Parishes and/or Missions within geographical boundaries established by the College of Bishops.

    b. A Diocese may be formed from:
        i) The whole or any part of one or more Missionary Districts.
       ii) The division of an existing Diocese when such division would better facilitates the Ministries of the Church.

    c. A geographic area may be designated a Missionary District with an Auxiliary or Coadjutor Bishop being appointed by the Diocesan Bishop until the development of sufficient Parishes and Missions to constitute the formation of new Dioceses.

    d. Deaneries may be established within the Dioceses, with Deans being appointed by the Diocesan Bishop to administer oversight in his jurisdiction. The Deanery shall receive a portion of funds from the tithes of the Parishes to the Diocese, that portion being established by the Diocesan Bishop. A Dean shall be a Priest of that diocese.

  2. The Diocesan Bishop
    a. The Bishop of the Diocese (also known as the Ordinary) shall not only have oversight of the many Parishes of the Diocese but shall have particular leadership in the life of his Parish.
        i) The Parish of the Diocesan Bishop shall be recognized as the Cathedral Church of the Diocese.
       ii) The Bishop is the ordinary authority on all matters of doctrine, worship, pastoral care, church order and discipline within the Diocese.
      iii) The Diocesan Bishop shall be under the authority of the Archbishop of the Archdiocese in which the Diocese resides, and shall look to him for pastoral oversight and shared vision.
     iv) No Bishop may perform Episcopal ministry in another Diocese without the express permission of the Diocesan Bishop.

    b. Funding:
        i) The Diocese shall be funded from the tithe of member parishes and missions. The Diocese shall in turn tithe to the CCIA.

    c. Record keeping
        i) The Diocese shall present an annual report to the Archdiocese based on the compilation of Parochial Reports and including other information concerning Diocesan life.
    ii) This report shall be delivered to the Archdiocese no later than March 31st.