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Canon Four — Archdioceses

An Archdiocese consists of all Dioceses in a defined geographic area and shall be under the direction of an Archbishop. The Archbishop, Bishops, Priests, and Deacons shall work together to establish and prosper God’s Church in the area of the Archdiocese.

  1. The formation of an Archdiocese
    a. Additional Archdioceses may be formed when several dioceses have sufficient need to work together for the greater good of the Church.

    b. An Archdiocese is formed by the consensus of the College of Bishops.

  2. The Archbishop
    a, The Archbishop of an Archdiocese shall be elected by the College of Bishops from nominees submitted by the ordinary Bishops of the dioceses of the new archdioceses.

    b. An Archbishop shall have oversight of the Archdiocese but shall also have particular leadership in the life of his Diocese and Parish.

    c. The duties of the Archbishop include the pastoral care of the Diocesan Bishops within the Archdiocese, working closely with them to establish and implement the vision and work of the Church at both archdiocesan and diocesan levels.

    d. The Archbishop shall be under the authority of the presiding Archbishop and the College of Bishops.

  3. Funding
    a. Archdiocese shall be funded from the Tithe of the Dioceses.

    b. The Archdiocese shall tithe to the CCIA

  4. Record keeping
    a. The Archdiocese shall present an annual report to the office of the presiding Archbishop based on the compilation of diocesan reports by April 30th.