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Coat of Arms of the Catholic Church in America

CCIA Coat of Arms
CCIA Coat of Arms


The upper portion of the arms shows a bishop’s miter and stole, which is symbolic of our hierarchical and ecclesiastical communion, which is under the apostolic headship of our Presiding Archbishop

The main body of the arms is composed of four quadrants with the colors “Red, White and Blue, uniquely locating us as a jurisdiction founded in the United States of America:

  1. The upper right quadrant depicts an antique oil lamp on a field of white, which is a traditional symbol for knowledge and learning. In usage here we pledge to be a body of believers who are faithful to the deposit of faith that has been passed down through the millennia.

  2. In the upper left quadrant, there is an image of a white dove on a field of blue, which in traditional Christian usage, represents the Holy Spirit. We place this image on our arms to remind us that it is the Holy Spirit of God that empowers us for our ministry.

  3. The bottom left quadrant we have the image of a crown on a field of white. This crown represents the sovereignty of Jesus Christ, the King of Glory, under who’s Headship we humbly submit. 

  4. In the bottom left quadrant is a stylized image of a cross on a field of red. This cross is composed of four people, one on each point of the image. This is to symbolize both our calling to evangelism, but also to indicate that we are a multi-cultural community of believers.