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Canon Eleven — Religious Orders and Communities

Religious Orders and Communities may be established and maintained according to the approval of the Archbishop and under the direction of a Bishop Visitor or Protector.

  1. Religious Orders
    a. A Religious Order of this Church is a society of Christians in communion with the Archbishop who voluntarily commits themselves for life or a term in years.

    b. To obedience to their Rule and Constitution.

    c. A Religious Order in order to be recognized must have at least six professed members and must be approved by the Archbishop.

    d. The Bishop Visitor or Protector shall be the guardian of the Constitution of the Order and shall serve as an arbiter in matters in which the Order or its members cannot resolve through its normal processes.

    e. Any person(s) under vows in a Religious Order, having exhausted the normal processes of the Order, may petition the Bishop Visitor or Protector for dispensation from those vows.

    d. The Religious Orders shall tithe to the Bishop Visitor or Protector.