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Canons of the Catholic Church in America Table of Contents

(Editorial note: Numbering conventions do not align with printed version)

  1. Founding Vision and Mission
  2. Introduction
  3. Canon Approval and Amendment:
  4. Canon 1 – Church Unity
  5. Canon Two — Accountability
  6. Canon Three — Ministry
  7. Canon Four — Archdioceses
  8. Canon Five — The Diocese
  9. Canon Six — The Parish
  10. Canon Seven — Worship
  11. Canon Nine — The Sacramental Ministry
  12. Canon Ten — Fundamental Right to Life
  13. Canon Eleven — Religious Orders and Communities
  14. Canon Twelve — Catholic Concord
  15. Appendix 1 – CCIA Crest Description
  16. Appendix 2 – Statement on Grace, Faith, and Works.
  17. Appendix 3 -- Married Clergy and Episcopacy
  18. Appendix 4 -- Divorce and Remarriage
  19. Appendix 5 – Human Sexuality
  20. Appendix 6 – The Role of Women in Ministry


Canons of the Catholic Church in America

These Canons guide the Catholic ministries affiliated and in communion with the Catholic Church in America.

Founding Vision

Our founding vision is to form an organically American communion of Catholic and Apostolic Churches, which minister to the diverse cultures and communities that embody this nation. Additionally, our goal and purpose is to be a missional church, making manifest the Kingdom of God to the nations of the world and to express the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With Sacred Scripture and the traditions of the Church as our guide, we seek to experience the full nature of the living historic Catholic Church in its sacramental communion with a personal God, its charismatic joy in the Spirit, and its evangelistic zeal to share our blessed hope with all people. To those who seek a deeper experience of God in the sacraments, a more profound communion with His Spirit, spiritual growth, community with fellow believers, and service to a broken world, we the Bishops and Priests of the Catholic Church in America (here after referred to as the CCIA) do hereby present these Canons as a guide for our church. These Canons speak to the particular needs of our present ecclesiastical life and are to be observed under the loving care of our Bishops.


The distinctive mission of CCIA is threefold:

  1. First, we are to bear witness, and be a living active example of, the essential spiritual unity that exists among all the branches and cultures of Catholicism. Therefore, the CCIA is an ecclesial communion commissioned to affirm, recognize and pray for all the branches of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, and to embrace the clergy and laity of these branches as true brothers and sisters of Christ's One, Holy Church. In this, to be at least a prophetic pointer or prototype of unity in both an attitude of humility and charity, and in our works, worship and mission, that we may bear witness to that divine hope and calling, outwardly.
  2. Secondly, we believe we have been called to draw all Christians into the fullest expression of Christ's church in the convergence of sacramental ministry, charismatic power and evangelistic zeal in order to most fully portray the face of Christ's Church to the world.
  3. Finally, The American Catholic Communities have a very special heart for those Catholics who for many reasons have felt separated from their Catholic roots and are seeking a valid and authentic way to be Catholic in today's world.