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Ideology Run Amok

There are two extremes of faith:

  1. Those who are so minimally formed in their faith that they fall victim to false teachings and get led away from the truth, and,
  2. Those who are formed just enough in their faith to know the basics, yet from this minimalistic foundation build a militaristic box of faith that suffers no breach.

I wrote my eBook Authentic Faith, Radical Transformation and Contemplative Prayer primarily for the first group, but the second could benefit from reading this also.

I am convinced that it is of primary importance that all Catholics, not just clergy, develop a well formed faith. Sadly that is becoming seemingly rare.

I was in a conversation recently on a Roman Catholic Group where the poster was questioning the catholicity of Orthodox churches within full communion with Rome. This lady was also railing against Protestants who send their Children to catholic schools and religious education.

Despite numerous, kind suggestions that she needed to learn more about what her church actually teaches, she kept posting scripture verses in defense of her positions. She also insisted that all she was doing was telling the “truth”.

Authentic Faith, Radical Transformation, and Contemplative PrayerNot having a properly formed faith can lead to an Ideology run amok — lending visible credence to the observations of critics of our faith. 

My brothers and sisters, no scripture is of private interpretation! We become like the Protestants when all we rely on is the Bible. Unfortunately, one of the sad consequences of Protestantism and “Sola Scriptura” in particular is the thousands of denominations all relying on the same book.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not disparaging Holy Scripture, but warning the faithful against relying on their individual interpretations and feeling of what the texts are saying to them. If your reading of scripture brings you into conflict with church teachings then you should seek clarification from your pastor or spiritual director.

No matter what flavor of the Catholic tradition you claim, it is very important for you to understand the essential tenets of your faith. This is the primary reason that I wrote my eBook.

Get a copy for your self, strengthen your own faith and learn about what I mean to experience a “Revival of One.