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In Association with

St. Anthony's Cathedral


Liturgical House of Studies

Legacy of Utrecht
Old Catholic History and Modern Relevance

Professor: The Most Rev. Michael Callahan, D.D. O.C.R

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At the Conclusion of this course, the student should be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of the origins and history of the Old Catholic Church, understand its founding principles and have a firm grasp on the importance of maintaining a sense of orthodoxy and preservation of the historic deposit of faith — especially in light of modernism and the encroachment of modern, liberal theology and morals. After completion, the student must present a paper. 

We are currently working to get this course into an online seminary, leading to qualification for ordination or incardination into our jurisdiction. This will be our first course and a prerequisite for all subsequent courses. 

Classes will meet each Monday morning at 10:00 am (PST), for fifteen weeks, beginning January 22, 2018. The cost for this class is $25.00 + $8.00   registration fee.