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Our Mission is not to be the Church of Nice — We are Called to be the Church of Christ!

It is neither nice, or loving to be an "affirming" church. That is, we are not called to accept every teaching of society as acceptable within the Catholic Church. 

We are a Church that preaches the necessity of repentance -- turning away from sin and professing faith in Jesus Christ. Society will tell you that calling an act or action "sin" is being judgmental. WAKE UP CALL -- the Church of Christ is supposed to teach and judge right from wrong -- We consider this our mandate!

There are many tough passages in scripture. For many folk the price of christian discipleship is just too high -- something in their life is more important than reconciling with God.

There is no argument that Christians need to be "nice," "kind," and "loving." What the question comes down to is the definition of terms. In the mindset of the secular humanist, being nice equates to "acceptance" and "inclusion" of every immoral "choice," "act," or "lifestyle" we can imagine. LGBTQwxyz activists, in the words of the devil, twist Christian love and compassion and accuse the Church of preaching "hate" and "bigotry." 

It is in that mindset that we are not to echo the world's view of nice. Doing so would necessitate ignoring the TRUTH of God's word and writing our own gospel.

Don't be bullied by or hate folk who don't believe like we do! But conversely, we won't be changing our doctrine to appease public pressure. The primary motivation of church teachings is Love. We must love our neighbors enough to teach them the Truth, not some watered down socially acceptable pablum. 


Michael Callahan

Presiding bishop, The Catholic Church in America