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Authentic Faith is built upon the truth of God's Word and Holy Tradition -- Then forged in the fires of life's journey. 

Authentic Faith, Radical Transformation and Contemplative Prayer

What was my big message throughout the 2016 election cycle? If you said "vote trump" or "vote pro-life" you would have missed the mark! Yes those subjects were indeed prominent. However, they are a distant 2nd and 3rd place to my main message which was that Catholic Christians need to develop an "Authentic Faith."

You will not find authentic Catholic faith on the network news or in most universities. Unfortunately instruction in an authentic faith may well not be found in some Catholic parishes.

As I point out in my eBook, "Authentic Faith, Radical Transformation: " very few Catholics have matured in their catechetical understanding since their initial confirmation.”  Is this you? If so, how are you going to tell truth from error in our modern age that is continually contradicting traditional catholic values? What about when you encounter that well-meaning Evangelical Christian who WILL tell you that you are not "saved?" Without a well-formed faith you will be vulnerable to the lies of our post-modern society that devalues Christian morals as it exalts the god of human sexuality and licentiousness without cost. 

Contrary to public opinion Catholic morality is not some line item list that you can just pick and choose your own set of parameters. This is not merely some optional human construct, but divinely inspired and handed down from above -- through Christ's Church.

The pox of secular humanism is moral relativism -- where everyone is their own moral and spiritual authority. The benchmark of progressive-ism is a clear conscience without guilt. When you deny God and subsequently His Church, you are free in your own mind to set yourself up as the final arbiter of right and wrong. After a while it becomes rather easy to rationalize in your own mind the murder of 60 million or so pre-born babies as "the right thing to do."

Inside the pages of "Authentic Faith, Radical Transformation and Contemplative Prayer: Experience a Revival of One" you will find my story from Protestantism to the priesthood. Additionally, I will present you with some valuable information that will lead you to experience your own "Radical Transformation.“


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