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Confirmation Mass Mesa AZ
The Catholic Church in America (CCIA) knows that there is an abundance fine, inactive, Deacons, Priests, Bishops, and Religious who have been pastorally orphaned, discarded or forced into inactive status for a variety of reasons. In this age of both declining vocations and moral decline, your calling to serve God in ministry is needed now, more than ever.
The CCIA is actively seeking Conservative clergy, validly ordained into Holy Orders or consecrated via Apostolic Succession. If you find the idea of returning to active ministry compelling, the Bishops of the  CCIA, wish to extend an invitation to those who are without a sacramental and vocational home, to consider continuing their sacramental and vocational life with us.  This invitation applies if you are a Deacon, Priest, Bishop or Religious who is currently inactive for reasons other than being convicted of felonious sexual abuse or sexual assault, our Catholic jurisdiction would like to talk with you. All prospective clergy must sign our pledge of commitment.
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Our Catholic jurisdiction receives calls from people asking us to please establish new parish missions in their communities and we simply do not have enough qualified clerics or religious to respond to their pastoral needs.   Maybe you are currently living in a community that would welcome a reformed Catholic jurisdiction establishing a mission right there.  You could once again be that pastoral or religious presence uniting or reuniting the People of God with the gift of the Sacramental and Liturgical Life of Catholicism in a welcoming environment.
The standards of our Catholic jurisdiction are high and non-negotiable.  We are totally serious about our vocations and we expect candidates considering our formation program or program for Incardination to be equally serious.  
We are a small jurisdiction, comprised mostly of Hispanic immigrants. We have no money for stipends.  Our "compensation" comes in the form of our bonds with one another and with the People of God.  We have no opulent cathedrals.  Our vocations and our Liturgical and Sacramental lives radiate within the hearts of our mission communities.  We have no pension plan.  We trust in the promise of Life Eternal.  We are simply worker priests responding to Jesus' invitation to "Come, Follow Me," and where He leads, we will follow.
So please permit us to extend to each of you an invitation to share the gift of your vocation and the gift of your spirituality and the dignity of yourself with us. Always know that you are in our prayers and we would be most grateful if you would please remember us in yours.