The International Catholic Confederation

The International Catholic Confederation (ICC) is comprised of select Catholic jurisdictions from around the world, with one representative Church from each country. Below is our growing list of participating, member jurisdictions (page under construction):

CCIA Cameroon

CCIA Cameroon

The Very Reverend Monsignor Cyrille Sam Komba




The Old Catholic Apostolic Church Nigeria
Archbishop Raphael Fagbohun

South Africa

The Reformed Ethiopian Catholic Church in Southern Africa (RECCSA)
The Most Reverend Banele Christopher Mente

Trinidad & Tobago
The Holy Orthodox Catholic Church of Trinidad & Tobago
The Most Reverend Trevor Terron Greene

United Kingdom:
The Most Reverend John Payne

The Catholic Church in America

United States:
The Catholic Church in America (CCIA)
Archbishop Michael Callahan

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