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Most parishes of the Catholic Church in America (CCIA) are small faith communities of approximately ten to one hundred families each, who are committed to living and practicing their Catholic Faith according to the traditional beliefs common throughout the Catholic world of the primitive Church. Our parishes are permitted to utilize any rite (liturgical form) that maintains essential sacramental dignity and is approved by their diocesan bishop. Our parishes worship in the vernacular, meaning “the local language.” We currently have parishes and clergy speaking both Spanish, French, and English. 

Each parish or mission is owned locally by the members of the parish, managed by an elected Parish Council who maintain and control the financial and temporal fabric of the parish, while the spiritual, liturgical and apostolic work and ministry of the parish is conducted by the pastor and his associates under the spiritual and canonical authority of the Bishop of the Diocese to which the parish belongs.

Clergy and elected lay members of our various dioceses and provinces serve as delegates to the General and Regional Synods of the Church and serve on the different committees of those bodies as well. We believe that the laity of the church are full collaborators and cooperators with the clergy in the mission and work of the church, and are thus expected to take an active role in their capacity as such. We vehemently reject the idea that the sole role of the laity is to “pay, pray and obey.” 

An important point to note: Parishes and missions that choose to join the CCIA must affirm our particular “Constitution.” Affirmation does not necessarily mean that parishes must implement each article of practice (not related to faith and morals) — such as ordaining women to the diaconate.

The CCIA acknowledges that each parish may implement practical limitations which are aligned to their particular traditions and pious beliefs. Please contact us for information regarding starting a new parish or having your existing join the CCIA


United States of America

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Priory of St. Teresa of Avila 
10306 W. Talisman Rd.
Sun City, AZ 85351
Prior: Bishop Michael Callahan

Iglesia San Maximiliano Kolbe
1020 N. Horne, Mesa, AZ 85203
Msgr. Walter Wrobel480.598.8598

CaliforniaMision Catholica el Espititu Santo
Padre Pedro Zambada-Sanchez

The Uprising Catholic Mission Tulsa OK
Sunday Liturgy ~ is at 2 PM on Sundays. 
Pastor: Fr. Richard Jones    


Cameroon(French Language)
Please contact our Apostolic Vicar, Rev. Cyrille SAM KOMBA in Cameroon for all French Language inquiries.

Sts Peter & Paul
City: YaoundeDepartment: MfoundiDistrict: Yaoundé IIILocation (district): NkolmessengDate of creation: November 2012 Rev. Cyrille SAM KOMBA — Apostolic Vicar 
St. Mathieu 
City: YaoundeDepartment: MfoundiDistrict: YaoundeLocation (district): BarrièreDate of creation: January 2013 
Rev. Father Elvice MVOM OWONA 
Community Heart of Reception of the Risen Christ
City: YaoundeDepartment: MfoundiDistrict: YaoundeLocation (district): Ahala
Date of creation: 2012 
Rv. Deacon Alexandre NDJALLA, Brother François Sacred Heart of the Child JesusCity: TROPICANADepartment: MFOUNDIBorough: YAOUNDEDate of creation: January 2014Rv. Father Olivier BITOTO Mary Queen of the ApostlesCity: NGOULEMAKONGDepartment: MvilaDistrict: NgoulemakongDate of creation:  2008Rev. Father Charles Holy Family of NazarethCity: MBOMADistrict: Ekak IIDepartment: Haut NyongRev. Father Alexis MiNKONDA NGUELE. The Democratic Republic of Congo (French Language)
Paroisse Saint Jean Baptiste
Pastor: père Modeste 
Location: 15 bis av. mongafula Quartier abattoir dans la commune de masina.
Contact : +243972240444
Le nombre de Fidel varie entre 10 et 25 personnes vu que nous sommes une paroisse nouvellement crée 

South Africa (English Language)Coming Soon

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