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The problem with the “bible-only” crowd is that there are so many individual interpretations. Thousands of individual Church denominations around the world, all using the same collection of books that we call the Bible, all failing to agree on certain tenets of faith. Now, in the 21st century things are getting worse. The modern mainstream church is now being driven by modern politically correct demands to change our moral teachings. While claiming to rely on biblical “truth,” they deny that whole swaths of scripture are actually relevant to our day.

Is your Church committed to preserving the historic teachings of the Church? If your church is not taking a stand against priests, bishops, and politicians who actively subvert Church teachings, then the answer is NO.

The Catholic Church in America, as part of the International Catholic Confederation, is serious about being modern-day defenders of the faith. Contact me via messenger if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired with the modern trajectory of your Church.


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  1. Your Grace, thanks for your teaching about the word of God. Your Grace I wish the Almighty God gives more strength to continue with your good work by spreading Good News all over the world. God Bless you and give more strength. Regard
    Fr. MJ. Nzelani
    Under Lordship of Presiding Bishop BC. Mente

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